Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)
Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis

A new four year national project, financed by by the Ministry of Science and Technology Development of the Republic of Serbia started in January 2011.

The project is entitled:
2011 – 2014 Joint research of measurements and effects of ionizing and UV radiation in medicine and environmental protection (project number III43011).

The project leader is prof. Goran Ristić, Head of APL.

This project gathers the researchers from 4 Universities and 11 faculties:

1. University of Niš
    1) Faculty of Electronic Engineering
    2) Faculty of Medicine
    3) Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
    4) Faculty of Science and Mathematics
    5) Faculty of Occupational Safety
    6) Faculty of Philosophy

2. University of Novi Sad
    1) Faculty of Technical Science
    2) Faculty of Philosophy

3. University of Belgrade
    1) Technical Faculty in Bor
    2) Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy

4. University of Kragujevac
    1) Faculty of Sciences

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